Reflection // Final

Matched is a re-read worthy book! I would definitely recommend it for a lit circles book next year. It’s a book where there are a lot of questions to ask which is good for the discussion. I know that there might even be debates about who Cassia should choose in the end (important stuff, first off). I really enjoy lit circles because I love to rant about books and I always have something to say. I feel passionate about the plot, characters and of course my ships. I think that having lit circles is very important because I feel as though reading is not as popular as it honestly should be. Reading books is very important to life and if people don’t get into the habit of at least reading for pleasure, it gets harder over the years (not saying that reading is for everyone, it isn’t). Matched by Ally Condie gets an 87% from me. It still had a lot of basic elements that a lot of dystopian books have; such as the plain protagonist, society corrupted and a cliche love triangle. But even though the books main storyline was a bit basic, the world building gave a clear picture in our minds when reading. Most of my questions were left unanswered but I guess that’s because this book was the first in a trilogy & it was leading up to the 2nd book. The ending however, was not written as great as I anticipated but you can only hope for so much when reading, I know that wrapping up a book is hard. When Ky was taken I felt my heart break because he’s already been through so much and to have him ripped away from Cassia (the person he loves very much) was tragic. I’m glad that Cassia finally told Xander what she was feeling. It was wrong for her to be leading him on when she didn’t love him in the way she loves Ky. In the end, I’m pleased that Xander did not betray Cassia which shows that even though she doesn’t love him like Ky, he will always be one her best friends and his loyalty will always burn bright between them. He will always be in her life, and that’s what she wants. It made me feel bad about Xander because I had said such mean things and unpleasant jokes about him in my last reflection (not guilty enough to take back those jokes, I mean they were pretty funny). One of the moments that really had me questioning things is when Cassia would say that she had got less food than usual. It just made me worry because she kept saying it!! And I was always wondering about it and I’m glad that an explanation came to hand. The society had set both Ky and Cassia up like hamsters in a science experiment which I think is a violation. When she was rethinking her relationship with Ky I was literally internally screaming because the feelings that she felt were real, not what the society had implanted in her head. Usually I really like to yell at the main character (in my head of course, I’m not that crazy) but Cassia never really did anything. I like that she is passionate about poetry and she is willing to save Ky because that gives her character and an actual personality. I admit that I am more curious about Xander now, especially now that he has said the red tablet doesn’t work on him. Is he an aberration as well? Is there more people like him and Ky? I love the fact that Cassia’s family is willing to let her find Ky, even though they know the dangers. They know how much Cassia loves Ky and will help her in any way to fulfil her vow to find him. Some of my favourite quotes are “Why care about a flat planet populated by flat people? Who cares about a place where there is no Ky?” – Cassia because this emotion was so well brought out, and I could feel her aguish. “My hand closes on the small container with its three tablets secured inside my pocket. Blue and red and green. Life and death and oblivion always at my fingertips.” – Cassia tells us the power the society reflects on. “Then, the question I asked myself was: Do I look pretty?Now the question I ask is: Do I look strong?” – Cassia, on her phenomenal character development. No seriously, her development was so well written. “Our time together feels like a storm, like wild wind and rain, like something too big to handle but too powerful to escape. ” – Cassia, making my heart beat from the beauty of the choice of words.“People always say that,” Ky says. “But red is the first color of spring. It’s the real color of rebirth. Of beginning.” THE POETIC WRITING! I’m so stunned by the writing it makes my eyes well sometimes. It reminds me sometimes of the book Delirium by Lauren Oliver (which gave me all the heavy feels and silver lined eyes). All I can say about this book is that it is definitely worth reading! I recommend it to those who love the idea of love, those who do not want to go gentle, and those who endear as Cassia did.

Bridge Builder

I made connections between 4 books such as The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater, Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo, the ACOTAR series and Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Maas  as well as one connection from the book to my life. I wrote quotes from the book and a small drawing in relation. IMG_2066.JPG

Reflection – Chapters 18-25

This book has me shaken!! I am definitely team Ky 100% after this chapter. He is such a complex and grounded person that it makes you think what’s going on inside his head. Cassia and Ky just make my heart warm especially when she wrote ‘I love you’ in the dirt and he had tears in his eyes as he said it aloud to her. I have to admit it kind of made me surprised because insta-love is not my thing but I couldn’t help but gush over the moment. The kiss he gave her on the cheek was cuter than the actual kiss Xander and Cassia had (I’m not sorry about that one) and was just cuter with more sentimental feeling. Xander kinda (actually, really) bores me because we have legit nothing about him. What makes him unique? Literally nothing. All he does is play games and he’s apparently a fast learner (too bad he’s not catching onto Ky stealing his girlfriend haha. Wow okay that was really mean, I’ll stop). He’s that one trope that everyone is really bored of (girl’s best friend since they were little; falls in love later on). Maybe he’ll actually be involved in the main plot, it would be really interesting. I feel that Cassia is going to rebel against society (like every girl in a dystopian/futurisitc novel, I know it gets predictable after a while) and try and be with Ky. I’m not complaining (that’s a lie, when am I not complaining about a book?) and I would really like to see them kick some society butt. The society is really getting on my nerves now, I mean who gives them the right to take the people’s artefacts? That was plain rude. It might be because they’re showing that they have power, or that something is actually going on to mess up the laws of the society. Nothing is perfect after all (Xander knows, I mean he was perfect and Cassia still chose Ky. Okay, that was the last one). I’m also intrigued by Cassia’s mum. Does she have a part to play in all this? It did say in a flashback that Cassia’a mum had a flower and because of the society, you aren’t allowed to pick flowers. Is Cassia’s mum going to rebel just like Cassia is? I just really want someone to stop the society from doing more things such as taking away artefacts and telling Cassia she wasn’t allowed to do anything other than be friends with Ky. Rude, if you ask me. The writing in this book is phenomenal and poetic and has my heart. I’m a sucker for poetic writing and this is written in such delicate and precise with emotion that just gets to me. Overall, I just really want to know how this book ends and if Ky and Cassia end up together by the end.

Reflection – Chapters 9 – 16

I actually really loved this part of the book. It had more Ky in it, (which is great because he’s my favourite character) and overall the dynamics between each character were shown. My favourite part of the story was probably when Cassia asked Ky if he’d teach her cursive handwriting. And when he did start teaching her, their relationship really started somewhere which I’m excited to see. I don’t know how I feel about her obviously starting to fall for him. I think that her feelings have bloomed extra fast and it needs to be more paced otherwise it seems really fake, misunderstood and badly written. But I am glad that we finally have more Ky in the book because background seems so interesting and I hope it’s well developed. I’m so so so happy that Cassia understands that her grandfather wants her to rebel! I never really like naive protagonists so the fact that Cassia knows and understands why her grandfather died on his own terms makes me happy. I’m starting to warm up to Cassia way more than I thought I would. Unlike some protagonists, she’s actually smart. One of the parts in the book that got me anxious was when her poetry got stuck in the compact when she was trying to hide it and the officers were coming. I was so ready for her to yell out something like “NO! You can never take it away from me!” really dramatically like in a bad soap opera and jump out the window or something but I guess that’s for next time when we really see some development (I actually wish that would happen, though). Xander and Cassia share their first kiss and don’t get me wrong, I like Xander but I didn’t read the cliche line that is in every romantic novel (no, I’m not even joking) which is the words “It was like fireworks” or even some grand metaphor about how “kissing is the greatest feeling ever, or “I melted” (or “exploded”, you never know) blah blah blah, more romantic vomit worthy lines for most people. At this point I do prefer Ky and Cassia over Xander and Cassia’s relationship but all I know for sure it that if Ky’s character is written badly and he has no development whatsoever, I’m going to go mad.

Coat of Arms

In my Coat of Arms that I have drawn, I have 4 panels. The first one being the Queen Annes’s Lace flowers that went through Cassia’s mind when she was gardening with Xander. The second is of Ky’s eyes which I have drawn both blue and brown because Cassia did not know the actual colour of his eyes and she was always thinking about them. The quote ‘Two Lives’ is from the handkerchief Ky gave her. The third panel is of the compass that Ky gave Cassia that day they went hiking and she was expecting her compact back from him. The last but not least panel is of the poetry Cassia’s grandfather had given her and the words of the poem she loved so dearly. Surrounding the Coat of Arms is electrical wires to represent the futuristic background of this story. IMG_1816.jpg

Reflection – Chapters 1-8

In my opinion, Matched did not completely blow me away. Usually when I read futuristic novels, they happen to have exciting fist starts and I was not feeling it with this book. I can admit that I am very curious about the society. If everything is always set for someone, how can they bare it? How has the society gone this long without anyone rebelling against it or any riots or wars? I mean, if I was in this society I would not be okay living in this world. Cassia seems like every generic female protagonist and I really hope that she has good development (as well as main plot line and dialogue) so that she doesn’t bore me to death. Xander doesn’t really stand out to me either. He’s just a boy who happens to be perfect who just happened to be Cassias best friend (WOW, what a shocker). The fact that Cassia and Xander got matched together was a ‘perfect’ match. It was too perfect and too “giving me happily ever after vibes” to convince me that they would totally end up together. It was too good to be true. So obviously Kye is going to interfere and I bet it’s going to be really dramatic (and even cliche, not that I mind) and mess the lives of Xander and Cassia. I suppose that’s a good thing since some action is really needed to make me want to finish this story. Some parts confused me a bit. Like one moment Cassia was with Xander and then the next moment she was at the pool and saw Kye. I was legitimately squinting my eyes seeing if I read what I just read to see if it added up. I realised it was a flashback after a while but it still made my mind buzz. When Kye was crying when they were watching the video about the society, I was really curious about his backstory. He is probably in the lead to being my favourite character. In the book it says that he is an ‘Aberration’ and I really want to know what that means. Apparently he can’t match with anyone, but does that really matter? I don’t think it should. Overall I’m not totally impressed with this book, but I am a sucker for a good love triangle plot line. Looking forward to getting a deeper explanation!

Illustrator – Matched

In the book Matched by Ally Condie, our protagonist Cassia is wearing a green gown for the Match Banquet. I have taken her green gown and modified it to be more unique in this digital drawing. Cassia felt very beautiful in her dress, so I took it upon myself to showcase a green gown similar to what hers might’ve looked like with a futuristic twist. IMG_6062.JPG